11 empleado di e departamentu di Seguridat na CMC a gradua komo “Security Officer” na Teamwork Curaçao. CMC ta kere den e desaroyo di su empleadonan pa asina poko poko huntu nos yega na e nivel di Hòspital ku nos ke. Esaki ta pone ku nos por sigui duna bon servisio i pèrkurá ku tur nos bishitantenan i pashèntnan por sintínan seif.
Pabien na nos koleganan ku a risibí nan diploma di Security Officer.
11 employees of the Security department passed their Security Officer course at Teamwork Curaçao. CMC believes in the continuous development of each and every employee to improve their skills. Together we will bring our hospital to the next level. This leads the way to provide better services and to ensure that the safety of our visitors and patients always remain a priority.
Congratulations to our colleagues with their Certificate of Security officer.